Digital Passport

Travelers can use our mobile app to create Digital Passport that they can use for getting Boarding and Immigration Passes to pass through security and immigration checkpoints without standing in long queues. Below are some amazing features of our mobile app.

Remote Clearance
Flight Status Alerts
Airport Navigation
Baggage Tracking

OneLink API

We will provide API Based Integration with our OneLink system to Airports, Airlines, Baggage Handling Companies and Security Agencies.

Connected Airports

Every airport with Departure and Arrival Control Dashboards will have access to our OneLink System that will facilitate data sharing among all connected airports.

More Transparency

Our OneLink system will provide more transparency and speed with minimum human intervention for preventing fraud and corruption.

Multiple Use Capabilities

Our OneLink system can also be used for advanced baggage collection and to submit airport lost & found claim for items left on the plane or airport.